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Question:   Are you a laboratory technician for a wastewater treatment facility, commercial laboratory, or environmental concern?  Possibly a bottled water plant or lake survey group?
If you are, and are searching for a reliable source for Modified m-TEC, look no further! AquaplatesTM, a division of Aquacheck Laboratory, Inc., is the premier provider of prepared media plates for the enumeration of E. coli bacteria.

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The Easiest Method!
A single step method with no need for expensive sealers or bulky trays. Your plates come all prepared and sealed in a plastic tube with expiration date clearly stamped on each plate. No need to buy plates with pads - with modified m-TEC all you do is filter the sample, incubate, and read the results after 24 hrs!
No lights, substrates, or messy vials. Just incubate and count the bright red-magenta colonies.

How Can I Tell?
Thanks to the patented chromagen in modified m-TEC, all E. coli colonies appear as a red to magenta colony that are very easy to see, count, and record. No other steps are necessary! - it makes culturing and recognizing E. coli colonies child's play!
Modified m-TEC is the culture media of choice for enumerating E. coli , (Escherichia Coliform), bacteria in wastewater and ambient waters.

But What Is It?
The m-TEC stands for "membrane thermotolerant E. coli," so named because it is a membrane filtration method and the E. coli bacteria are cultured in a very warm (44.5 degrees C. ) environment. This particular media works extremely well because it is both: selective - encourages the growth of E. coli specifically, and differential - discourages the growth of other competing bacteria.

Why struggle with any other method when Modified m-TEC is here to help!

Modified m-TEC from Aquaplatestm

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